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The Moon and the Inner You (Online)

With Margarita Celeste

Event Date: TBD

Day & Time: Saturday 10am – 12pm (South Africa) / 9am to 11am (UK)

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost: R150 (SA Residents Only) / £15 (International Students)

Booking & Payment Deadline: TBD

Interview Required:  No


Join The School of Intuition’s in-house Astrologer, Margarita Celeste, for a deep-dive into your inner world using your Astrological Moon. Most people know what their "Starsign" is, and perhaps a little more, but have you ever unpacked what your Moon means for you?
Next to the Sun, the Moon is one of the most important inner Archetypes, symbolizing your emotional style, your needs and what you require to feel emotionally safe and secure. The Moon is the inner child, the part of us that needs the most awareness, care and nurturing.

In this 2-hour workshop, Margarita will be unpacking the energies of your Moon’s element, mode, sign, house and phase. Each of these layers will uncover more and more of your individual Moon. Whether you’re a newbie to Astrology, or someone with some knowledge already, you’ll walk away feeling validated, empowered and seen.

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