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Our Workshops and Classes

Our aim is to offer good quality teaching from well trained tutors, who also teach internationally outside of South Africa. You will find a list of all our courses on the dropdown Teaching menu.

The School expects students to take responsibility for and care of themselves during and after any class or workshop. It is expected that students will inform the School of any medical condition, including pregnancy, and regular medication taken. This is to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

For all ongoing courses and classes you will be asked to complete a form giving emergency contact and medical details. The attendance of students at a workshop or class is at their own risk and with no liability on the part of the School. No person using recreational drugs or alcohol on a regular basis can be considered for our courses. The School reserves the right to ask a student to leave a class or workshop if necessary.



Acceptance onto some of our classes may require a short interview with the tutor, which may be carried out by telephone or in person.


All information given to the School is kept confidential. We do not pass on personal or contact information to anyone without consent.


The majority of our courses, evening classes and workshops are held at Stoep Start-up, 3 Tiverton Road, Plumstead, Cape Town. If an alternative venue is used this will be indicated against the event. On booking you will be given the exact venue. We try to ensure that all our venues have disability access.

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