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Mediumship Progression

(Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced)

Do you have an awareness or interest in Spirit and are not sure how to make the connection? Do you have a connection but are unsure how to explore it or take it further? Our Internationally Accredited Mediumship Progression is designed to nurture and enhance your innate ability to communicate with the spirit realm – attuning to and maintaining Spirit energy, recognising the presence of Spirit and working more closely with them. This progression is a personal growth and development journey supported by a renowned professional medium and tutor, Donna Stewart, alongside like-minded students and within a structured course outline including mentorship, assessment and feedback, course notes and recordings as well as interactive WhatsApp groups.

Foundations in Mediumship:

Discover the transformative power of spirit communication in our Foundations in Mediumship course. Whether you’re taking your first steps into mediumship or seeking to deepen your existing connection with the spirit world, this online program provides a supportive environment for growth. Led by experienced medium Donna Stewart, you’ll learn essential techniques for attuning to spirit energy and recognising the presence of spirit. Through guided meditations and interactive exercises, you’ll raise your vibration and hone your ability to provide evidence and messages from loved ones. This course is ideal for beginners and lower-intermediate level students, offering a blend of practical training and spiritual development.

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Intermediate Mediumship:

Take your mediumship skills to the next level with our Intermediate Mediumship course. Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired, Intermediate is designed for students seeking to deepen their connection with spirit and refine their mediumship abilities. Led by Donna Stewart, you’ll engage in practical exercises and techniques to enhance your communication with spirit, develop clearer evidence and deliver meaningful messages. With a focus on energy management and accessing detailed spirit information, you’ll gain confidence and clarity in your mediumship practice – knowing the ethical standards & expectations as well as grounded techniques and methods. This course includes partner practice, private readings, and ongoing support through a WhatsApp group, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among participants.

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Advanced Mediumship:

For those ready to explore the depths of their mediumship abilities or aspire to become working mediums, our Advanced Mediumship course offers an immersive journey into the realms of spirit communication. Designed for advanced-level students who have completed foundation and intermediate training, this level provides a space for deepening your connection with spirit and refining your mediumship skills, preparing to deliver quality readings to family, friends and clients. Led by Donna Stewart, you’ll delve into advanced techniques for spirit communication, further developing your six senses and understanding the importance of energy management. Through practical exercises, home practice, and private readings, you’ll learn to tell the spirit’s story and deliver meaningful messages with confidence and clarity.

Read more about the Advanced Mediumship Course.

About the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Mediumship Progression Accreditation:

Each level (Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced) is accredited through IPHM, allowing students’ attendance, skills and development to be recognised upon meeting the level standards and expectations. After passing an assessment with Donna for each level, students receive an accreditation for the relevant level and are invited to join the next level. Students who fulfil the requirements of the Advanced Mediumship level are invited to participate in an accreditation panel – we then celebrate the students’ growth and development through a graduation and offer marketing/promotion opportunities for those looking to advertise themselves as an Internationally Accredited Professional Medium.

IPHM is the largest leading independent professional accreditation board worldwide. Certifying alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, beauticians and training providers for good and proper practice based in the United Kingdom – https://www.iphm.co.uk

***Please note an accreditation fee of R500/£50 applies at the end of the Advanced Level to cover the accreditation panel and graduation


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