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Foundations in Psychic Development – International Accreditation (Online)

with Lizel Terry & Isabella Lourenz

Event Dates & Times:

Term 1: Wednesdays 31 January – 20 March 2024 (with Isabella)
8pm – 10pm (SAST) / 6pm – 8pm (BST)

Term 1: Mondays 29 January – 18 March 2024 (with Lizel)
8pm – 10pm (SAST) / 6pm – 8pm (BST)

Venue: Online via Zoom

Term Cost:  R1300 (SA Residents Only) / £120 (International Students)

Booking & Payment Deadline: 15 January 2024

Interview Required: Yes – Please book an interview with Cindy or contact hello@schoolofintuitionandhealing.com for more information


We will learn how to access the stillness within which connects us to our intuition and psychic abilities. This course is suitable for those starting out as well as those wishing to deepen their psychic and intuition abilities. If you are looking to become a professional psychic, this is the place to start.

We learn how to receive messages not just for ourselves but for other people in the group, in a psychic and/or mediumistic way. These skills will be developed and practiced through various exercises such as chakra/aura readings, psychometry, card readings, automatic writing/drawing and more.

You will explore your own personal ways of receiving messages – this could be clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), clairsentient (feeling), claircognizant (knowing), clairalience (smelling) or clairgustance (tasting), or it could be a mixture of all of them!

Once you understand the way you receive messages, you will be shown how to develop your skill in a way that is unique to you. You will be shown how to “hear” these messages accurately and communicate them in a clear, helpful and uncluttered way.

You will learn the GAPP (Ground, Attune, Protect & Permission) process and how to maintain great energy management, along with working with a Code of Ethics.

You will also have access to tutor feedback and mentorship throughout the term via a WhatsApp group, guiding you through your development progress.

After participating in Psychic Development Foundations for two consecutive terms, there will be a 30-minute assessment where you will:

  1. Display your knowledge of the Code of Ethics (answering 2-3 questions correctly)
  2. Carry out a 10-15-minute accurate reading using your choice of psychic triggers
  3. Know what senses you receive information through
  4. Demonstrate good energy management
  5. Exhibit a basic understanding of the Chakra and Subtle Bodies systems

On passing the assessment you will receive an International Accreditation for Foundations in Psychic Development through the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Accreditation Board and be offered the opportunity to progress to Intermediate Psychic Development.

Prior to joining this course, students are to have knowledge of Energy Management training (Energy Management Live or Invincible Energy and /or Foundations in Spiritual Development or similar). An understanding of how to cleanse and clear your own energy system (chakras), and how to ground and protect yourself is also needed.

About the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine:

IPHM is the largest leading independent professional accreditation board worldwide. Certifying alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, beauticians and training providers for good and proper practice based in the United Kingdom – https://www.iphm.co.uk





"I really enjoyed the class and it helped me to develop more confidence. Thank you!" Theodoros

"I am very grateful the school is continuing and I am very happy with everything. Thank you for your wonderful lessons." Marina

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