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Psychic Development Progression

(Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced)

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and intuitive empowerment with our Internationally Accredited Psychic Development Progression. Designed to guide and equip individuals at every stage of their spiritual, psychic journey, this accredited progression offers three comprehensive levels: Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced. Prerequisites include completion of our Energy Management Workshop or Self-led 7 Days to Invincible Energy and Foundations in Spiritual Development (prior learning will be considered in a chat with Cindy).

Foundations Level:

At the Foundations level, participants will delve into the essence of intuition and psychic abilities, learning to access the profound stillness within. Whether you are just starting out or seeking to deepen your existing skills, this course provides a nurturing environment for growth. Through a variety of exercises including chakra/aura readings, psychometry, and card readings, you will unlock your unique intuitive gifts. Discovering whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or possess other psychic senses, you will develop your abilities in a way that resonates with you individually. Guided by the GAPP process (Ground, Attune, Protect & Permission), you’ll master energy management and adhere to a Code of Ethics. The foundation level helps you navigate your psychic journey, building a strong foundation to grow from, through ongoing tutor feedback, mentorship, a WhatsApp group, weekly notes and recordings.

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Intermediate Level:

Building upon the foundational knowledge, the Intermediate level offers a deeper exploration into psychic development. Participants who have established a solid foundation and fulfilled the accreditation requirements can now expand their abilities in a supportive environment, working towards refining your skills, consistency in readings and communicating each message in a clear, compassionate, helpful and uncluttered way. Intermediate includes various exercises such as psychometry, automatic writing, reading billets and more – ensuring a sound psychic skill box.

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Advanced Level:

For those seeking to elevate their psychic abilities and become a qualified, accredited practising psychic, the Advanced level provides an intensive focus on refinement and mastery. Having completed both the Foundations and Intermediate levels, participants are ready to finetune advanced techniques, stepping out of your comfort zone to improve your readings and ensuring confident, ethical, compassionate delivery.

Prerequisites include prior completion of relevant courses and a commitment to personal growth. Through ongoing mentorship and assessment (case studies and a personal development essay), you’ll attain an international accreditation in Advanced Psychic Development, solidifying your expertise in the field and allowing you to provide ethical, clear, accurate readings for others and yourself.

Join us on this enriching journey of self-discovery and intuitive growth, accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. With our comprehensive progression, you’ll unlock the full potential of your psychic abilities within a supportive and nurturing community.

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About the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Psychic Development Accreditation:

Each level (Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced) is accredited through IPHM, allowing students’ attendance, skills and development to be recognised upon meeting the level standards and expectations. After passing an assessment for each level, students receive an accreditation for the relevant level and are invited to join the next level. Students who fulfil the requirements of the Advanced Psychic Development level are invited to participate in an accreditation panel – we then celebrate the students’ growth and development through a graduation and offer marketing/promotion opportunities for those looking to advertise themselves as an Internationally Accredited Psychic.

IPHM is the largest leading independent professional accreditation board worldwide. Certifying alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, beauticians and training providers for good and proper practice based in the United Kingdom – https://www.iphm.co.uk

***Please note an accreditation fee of R500/£50 applies at the end of the Advanced Level to cover the accreditation panel and graduation


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