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Please see below for our list of Presenters. Our teaching staff is of a high calibre, with many years of experience between them in their various fields of expertise.

Cindy Holmes

Cindy Holmes

Director & Presenter

Entrepreneur, Intuitive Business Mentor & Coach, & Healer
Cindy is the Director of the School of Intuition and Healing in Cape Town, South Africa, and a partner in Moyo – The Heart Centre previously known as the 8 O’clock Club.

She has a unique blend of Spiritual awareness and Business/ Entrepreneurial skills, having spent her career in the casual dining sector of restaurants in London and the Middle East.

Cindy is proficient in the modalities of Healing, Intuition and Mediumship and is also an educator in these modalities. Most recently she has brought her skills together and is an Intuitive Life & Business Mentor & Coach.

Her mission is to create learning platforms to transform the lives of others, through facilitation, coaching, mentorship, entrepreneurship, and healing programmes.

Visit Cindy’s personal web site at www.cindyholmes.co.za.


Debbie Caknis


Animal Communicator, Healer, Kinesiologist,
Hypnotherapist & Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Debbie is a Reiki Master, has a diploma in Metaphysics and is also qualified in Quantum Touch®, Biochemical Medicine, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Animal Communication and Corporate Mentoring.

She teaches animal communication and healing courses to both children and adults, She is a qualified spiritual mentor / coach and treats both physical and emotional diseases.

Debbie is a qualified nurse and midwife. Her knowledge of nursing has aided her practice since she recognises the huge value of modern medicine. She is therefore able to use her knowledge to complement the care of humans and animals.

From an esoteric perspective she realises the importance of linking intuition with, and as part of, daily life — the one being as important as the other.

Visit Debbie’s personal web site at www.zeropointhealing.co.za

Denis Ginn


Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner & Mindfulness Trainer
Denis is a fully qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Mindfulness Trainer, and former volunteer spiritual care counselor at St Luke’s Hospice.

He was taught Reiki healing, visualisation meditation and channeling by the late Dr Magdel Shackleton, biomedical physicist and spiritual teacher. Further spiritual progression evolved through the practice of Tai Chi and long-time association with the White Eagle mystery school.

A professional photographer with an international career spanning twenty years, Denis has developed a deeply mindful Awareness of Light and Beauty. He has trained groups in Mindfulness at the School of Intuition and Healing, various Pilates and Yoga studios, UCT students, as well as hosted Mindfulness lectures for medical fraternity teams at St Luke’s.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy psychology modality Denis utilizes to bring together aspects of Mindful Awareness, deep healing, and exponential personal development for individuals.

Website: denisginnhealing.business.site
Facebook page: web.facebook.com/denisginnhealing
Instagram: @denisginnhealing


Janine Zitianellis

Janine Zitianellis


Facilitator of Transformation, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer
Janine Zitianellis is a Reiki Practitioner, HiddenMind Therapist, PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Channeler of Healing Energy. She is also a student of Psychology.

Janine is internationally certified as an Energy Healer having received a certificate of distinction for the two-year healing certification course taught through the School of Intuition & Healing; she is now a presenter and teacher of this course as well as her own chakra healing courses in her private capacity.

Her interest with the mind-body connection led her to further study the impact of negative thoughts and emotional trauma on the physical body. Seeing the connection and impact led her to become a PSYCH-K® facilitator as well as a HiddenMind therapist where she is able to facilitate change on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels with her clients.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/EBHealing
Website: www.energeticbodyhealing.co.za

Margarita Celeste


Astrology & Tarot Consultant & Teacher
Astrology has been Margarita’s passion ever since she can remember. Since early childhood, she had a knack for remembering people’s star signs, and as a teenager, she revelled in reading Linda Goodman’s Sun signs.

Fast forward to her twenties, Margarita began studying Eastern Astrology with her uncle, followed by three years of formal Traditional Astrology studies with celebrated Astrologer and Sangoma, Rod Suskin, She graduated with both a scholarship and distinction under her belt, and began her Astrology Practice under the name ‘Margarita Celeste Astrology & Tarot”.

Since 2015, Margarita has built a strong clientele and made Astrology her full-time career. She not only consuls but also writes for popular websites and apps, as well as teaching courses to beginners and intermediate students alike.

Margarita’s special skills lie in helping her clients and students to know and understand themselves better, using the ancient and sacred art of Astrology as a tool. Doing her 12-week courses, she helps students uncover their own strengths, talents and challenges, leaving them feeling empowered validated and excited about the skills they have gained. She has witnessed the life-changing effects that people can experience when owning disowned parts of themselves, and coming to a greater and deeper understanding of their own beings and thereby of the Cosmos itself.

“I really loved your teaching style. I liked that you differentiated between lecturing the content and then allowing the group to do the exploration / application of the knowledge afterwards. This kind of experiential learning I believe to be really beneficial as it grounds the knowledge. “

“I really really enjoyed this course and am excited by the new possibilities for growth that I have access to as a result of having taken this journey with you. Thank YOU for sharing your gifts and holding the space for me to learn and explore.”

“I enjoyed the relaxed but thorough teaching style Margarita has, and the class was not too big either which made it more intermediate.”

“Margarita is a passionate, well-read excellent teacher and has a great style of teaching.”

“I just want to thank you for sharing your gifts with us and teaching us in a most attentive, gentle, playful and non-judgemental way.”

To read some of Margarita’s articles, click through here:

Daily Horoscope App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-moon-calendar/id1373675189

Website: www.margaritaceleste.com
Email:  margs@margaritaceleste.com

Valerie Aronson


Energy Healer

Valerie Aronson is a practicing energy healer, she runs a private practice on the Atlantic Seaboard. She is internationally certified after completing a two-year healing certification through the School of Intuition and Healing. She is passionate about meditation and living mindfully with present moment awareness.

Email: valeriearonson22@gmail.com

Mark Bind


Energy Healer
Mark Bind is a practising energy healer and is internationally certified after completing the 2-year healing course through the School of Intuition and Healing.

Mark is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles and also has certifications in Life Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Eriksonian Hypnosis.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MarkBind
Website: https://www.markbind.com/

Eloise Francois

Eloise Francois


Energy Healer, Quantum Healing Practitioner, Intuitive, & Life Coach

Eloise is a qualified healer with the School of Intuition and Healing in South Africa, she has recently become a tutor on the healing course. She is a natural psychic and in her private practice she focuses on psychic readings, spirit release, psychic and crystal surgery, medical intuition and well as being a Quantum Healing practitioner. She has as passion for Universal Laws and is a qualified Life Coach.

Lizel Terry

Lizel Terry



Lizel completed her Psychic Development Journey through the School of Intuition and Healing South Africa a few years ago. Since then she has developed a passion for sharing these skills and laying a sound foundation for future Psychics and hopes to help create more awareness around the importance of working in good practice for the highest good of all.

She has now joined our team of professionals as a presenter on the Foundations of Psychic Development Course.

Sole Chirco

Sole Chirco


Tarot Teacher & Practitioner, Energy Healer, & Holistic Business Coach

Sole is a spiritual channel, teacher and mentor. She is an accredited energy healer with the School of Intuition & Healing, an Usui Reiki Master and a certified crystal healer. As a natural psychic, she began working intuitively very early on in life and has been reading tarot for over two decades.

Her practical approach is all about translating ancient wisdom into modern spirituality making it accessible to everyone interested in developing their abilities. She teaches a number of engaging courses and workshops, including her signature tarot programme, all designed for students who would like to expand their spiritual toolkit in an interactive and empowering way. With a background in marketing and business strategy, Sole also helps budding spiritual entrepreneurs bringing their soul-aligned businesses into the world.

Sole’s practice, The Spiritual Flamingo, has a diverse international clientele of individual and corporate clients.

Website: https://thespiritualflamingo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thespiritualflamingo/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thespiritualflamingo/
Email: info@thespiritualflamingo.com

Donna Stewart

Donna Stewart


Psychic Medium, Teacher, Blogger, & Broadcaster

Donna Stewart has been a professional working Medium and Spiritual Development Tutor for over 20 years. She has reunited thousands of people with their loved ones in Spirit through her theatre demonstrations, TV and radio, in addition to Spiritualist Churches and Centres and works regularly with some of the UK’s most respected Mediums.

Donna also teaches and lectures at seminars and workshops for many established Spiritual organisations in the UK and overseas including Italy, Athens, Spain, Gibraltar and Japan. The founder member of "The Spirit Experience", which is dedicated the development of psychic and spiritual abilities, Donna is a blogger and broadcaster where she shares her knowledge and experience of Spirit.

Visit Donna’s personal web site at www.donnastewart.net

Amanda Laskey

Amanda Laskey

Website Administrator & SEO

Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, & SEO Specialist

Amanda joined the School of Intuition & Healing in the position of School Administrator in January 2018. She is a qualified Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner and a graduate of the School’s 2 Year Energy Healing Course. Towards the end of 2020 Amanda became the Website Administrator; she is in charge of maintaining, developing, and managing the School’s website and Search Engine Optimisation. She has 16 years experience in the Web Design & Development Industry.

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