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Soul Retrieval: Healing Your Past, Liberate Your Future

With Mark Bind

Event Date: TBD

Day & Time: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm (South Africa) / 8am to 3pm (UK)

Venue: Hybrid Online via Zoom with an option in Plumstead

Cost: Day 1only – R1200 (SA Residents Only) / £70 (International Students) or Day 1 & Day 2 – R2000 (SA Residents Only) / £120 (International Students)

Booking & Payment Deadline: TBD

Interview Required:  No


Discover the powerful practice of soul retrieval, a process of healing past trauma to liberate your soul gifts, open your heart and to allow your life force to flow more fully.

In the shamanic tradition it is believed that a part of your soul is fragmented and lost when experiencing trauma. The shaman then goes into trance to rescue the lost soul aspect. In this workshop we will be looking at other methods of retrieving and healing the lost soul aspect for yourself and guiding others to do it for themselves.

On day 1 we explore ways of doing this healing for yourself. You will learn the essential steps of the healing process in order to do a soul retrieval for yourself in a safe and effective way. You will discover the most common symptoms of soul loss, learn simple tools for accessing the alpha state and understand why it is important, practice healing techniques for the lost soul aspect and how to integrate the aspect safely and effectively.

On day 2 we take the process further for those who wish to use this process with clients. We explore further tools for helping clients access deeper states of consciousness, 2 methods of guiding clients back in time and how to overcome resistance. You will be guiding your classmates and practicing guided meditations with others.

Day 1 is available as a stand alone workshop for anyone who wishes to learn this practice. If you wish to do this work with others, day 2 builds on day 1 and will offer many more tools and opportunities to practice.

  • Experience deep healing and freedom from your past
  • Transform your life by allowing your life force energy to flow more fully
  • Learn the essential 6 steps to a successful soul retrieval
  • Understand the 3 keys to deep healing of the past
  • Learn why it is important not to integrate before the soul is ready
  • Understand the 3 crucial readiness checks to perform prior to integration
  • Discover the most common symptoms of soul loss and when to perform a soul retrieval

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