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Stepping Up your Tarot Reading Skills (Online)

with Sole Chirco

Event Date(s): TBD 2023

Days & Times: Tuesdays 8.00pm – 9.30pm (South Africa) / 7.00pm – 8.30pm (UK)

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost:  R1500 (SA Residents Only) / £150 (International Students)

Booking & Payment Deadline: TBD 2023

Interview Required:  No


Ready to take your tarot skills to the next level? This highly interactive intermediate tarot course takes you from casual tarot wisdom seeker to consistent (and confident!) reader. It is the perfect next step for anyone who knows card meanings, can do basic readings but would like to deepen their relationship with tarot. We will focus on consistency, confidence and context so that you can deliver accurate readings and never draw a blank.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You know card meanings and can do basic readings, but want to add depth to your reading practice
  • You want to experiment with new techniques to refine your personal reading style
  • You want to take active steps towards reading professionally

Things you will learn:

  • Deeper and more modern ways to interpret the cards, including the Majors
  • How to read Court cards, notoriously some of the hardest to decipher
  • How to tackle multiple card spreads and create your own
  • How to get “unstuck” and keep anxiety at bay
  • How to tap into your individual reading style to deliver authentic and relevant answers

N.B. This is an intermediate tarot course, as such a working knowledge of tarot is required to attend. All participants should bring their tarot deck.

Course Programme:

Week 1 – Reading like a pro

Week 2 – Unlocking deeper card meanings and associations (part 1)

Week 3 – Unlocking deeper card meanings and associations (part 2)

Week 4 – Court Cards masterclass

Week 5 – Tackling complex spreads and questions

Week 6 – Design your own spread

Week 7 – Reading in real life: practice evening

Week 8 – Mixing techniques and decks, developing your style

What is included:

  • Eight highly interactive lessons delivered via Zoom (1.5 hours each)
  • Fun homework and exercises to improve your skills
  • A supportive WhatsApp community where you can share experiences with other students and swap readings
  • Coaching in between lessons and feedback on readings (via the dedicated WhatsApp group)
  • Course slides and notes
  • Book recommendations
  • Certificate of attendance





"When I met Sole, I knew she would be the perfect teacher for me. She is very approachable, caring, intuitive and patient which makes her a great person to learn from.

In a few simple steps Sole taught her technique to understand card meanings. She was able to help me create a personal connection that simplified the meanings of each tarot card making them relevant to me and my spiritual practice. Now I love using them daily with my meditation practice, and I can connect with them deeply, but mostly they have become a reliable tool in my decision making." Hayet

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