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Tarot Progression

(Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced)

Explore the world of tarot with our comprehensive courses tailored to different skill levels. Whether you’re just starting your journey, looking to enhance your skills, or aiming for mastery, we have the perfect course for you. Choose from our Foundations in Tarot for beginners, Intermediate Tarot for those ready to elevate their practice, or Advanced Tarot for experienced readers seeking mastery. Each course offers a unique learning experience to deepen your understanding of the cards and empower you on your tarot journey.

This progression is a personal growth and development journey supported by an experienced professional reader and tutor, Sole Chirco, alongside like-minded students and within a structured course outline including mentorship, assessment and feedback, a clear code of ethics, course notes and recordings as well as interactive WhatsApp groups.

Foundations in Tarot:

This course is perfect for anyone who’s curious about tarot but feels overwhelmed by where to begin. If you’ve tried learning on your own but felt lost, prefer hands-on learning over books, or need some structure to your studies, this course is for you. You’ll start from scratch and learn how to understand tarot card meanings without just memorising them. You’ll delve into the structure of the tarot, the differences between Major and Minor Arcana, and explore the symbolism behind the cards. Plus, you’ll learn practical skills like caring for your deck, formulating empowering questions, and performing readings for yourself and others. Whether you’re a complete newbie or have some basic knowledge, this interactive foundation course will give you the confidence to start your tarot journey.

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Intermediate Tarot:

This intermediate tarot course is designed for those ready to elevate their tarot skills. If you already know card meanings, and can conduct basic readings, but want to deepen your understanding, this course is for you. It focuses on consistency, confidence, and context, ensuring you deliver accurate readings without hesitation. Ideal for those wanting to refine their personal reading style, experiment with new techniques, and potentially read professionally. Throughout the course, you’ll learn deeper interpretations of the cards, including the Majors, how to decipher Court cards, tackle multiple card spreads, manage anxiety, and tap into your unique reading style. Please note, that a working knowledge of tarot is required to attend.

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Advanced Tarot:

This advanced tarot course is designed for experienced tarot readers seeking mastery and wanting to deepen their connection with the cards. Whether you aspire to read professionally or simply desire deeper insights, this course empowers you to evolve into a seasoned practitioner. Ideal for those with a strong foundation in tarot who are eager to explore advanced techniques, navigate specialised readings ethically, and set up a professional practice. Throughout the course, you’ll learn ethical ways to approach specialised readings, harness tarot for healing and manifestation, delve into topics like past lives and ancestral work, and build confidence as a professional reader through immersive practice sessions. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into the legal boundaries surrounding tarot reading and the importance of obtaining professional insurance. This course is suitable for intermediate and advanced students who are already confident in their tarot reading abilities and wish to refine their skills further.

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About the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Tarot Progression Accreditation:

Each level (Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced) is accredited through IPHM, allowing students’ attendance, skills and development to be recognised upon meeting the level standards and expectations. After passing an assessment for each level, students receive an accreditation for the relevant level and are invited to join the next level. Students who fulfil the requirements of the Advanced Tarot level are invited to participate in an accreditation panel – we then celebrate the students’ growth and development through a graduation and offer marketing/promotion opportunities for those looking to advertise themselves as an Internationally Accredited Professional Tarot Reader.

IPHM is the largest leading independent professional accreditation board worldwide. Certifying alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, beauticians and training providers for good and proper practice based in the United Kingdom – https://www.iphm.co.uk

***Please note an accreditation fee of £30/R300 applies at the end of the Foundations, £40/R400 for Intermediate Level, and £60/R600 applies at the end of the Advanced Level to cover both the accreditation panel and graduation.


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