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The Nest: A Transformational Journey through Relationships

The Nest is a brand-new transformational course designed to help you reconnect with yourself, others and the world through the healing power of relationships.

There is a major evolution, a collective expansion, we are all going through as a species: a new now.

A pandemic, fear of war on a mass scale, a shaky global economy… not to mention individual wounds, traumas and struggles. Our carefully crafted self-care toolbox of coping mechanisms doesn’t seem to make the cut anymore.

How do we cope in the new now? Better still, how do we thrive? to promote holistic healing and positive relationships with yourself and others.

The Nest is a safe space for reflection and exploration. It brings together effective new techniques and tools and nurturing guidance. Together, we’ll create a new vision for yourself, your relationship with others and the world helping you evolve in the new now.

By understanding your energetic patterns, wounds, beliefs and thought patterns, you’ll learn how to create a strategy to build your future self with all your desires, needs and wants being met.

Get clarity on what this new self wants to experience, how they would like to grow and what they want to contribute to the world.

The Nest offers a long-term transformational strategy rather than a quick fix, by taking a holistic approach to healing and transformation, which occurs over a period of time.

The programme takes a deep dive into how you approach your relationships, examining your mindset and energy system to identify areas that need improvement. The goal is to take responsibility for healing any imbalances or blockages in your energy system to promote holistic healing and positive relationships with yourself and others.

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What’s Included

The Nest provides a safe and nurturing space for you to undergo a long-term transformation with a supportive group and individual coaching to ensure that each person’s unique journey is supported every step of the way.

This comprehensive transformational programme heals your relationship with yourself by exploring how you relate to others and the rest of the world. The exploration is broken down into two themes:

  • Relate to Others (Module 1), a journey through family relationships, romantic connections and friendships .
  • Relate to the World (Module 2), a journey exploring career & purpose, money and lifestyle.

In addition, you will receive 4 one-to-one coaching / healing sessions per module – 8 in total – (with either Cindy or Sole) as well as peer and personal mentor WhatsApp support throughout the course.

healing energy

Upgrade your understanding of yourself in the present moment and create a vision of your future self that is aligned with your needs & desires.

healing energy

Find the support, guidance and resources to build a new healing toolkit suitable for the new now and its evolutionary energy.

Dates & Times

Relate to Others (Module 1)

Tuesdays: 15th August – 17th October
GMT: 7pm – 9pm, SAST: 8pm – 10pm

Relate to the World (Module 2)

Tuesdays: Dates TBD
GMT: 7pm – 9pm, SAST: 8pm – 10pm


Payment Options

The Nest explores your relationship with yourself through two themes: Relate to Others and Relate to the World. These two themes have been designed to be taken as a full course comprising two modules or as individual journeys.

Option 1 – Complete course: Module 1 and Module 2 (including 8 coaching sessions)
Full payment upfront of £1,100 / R11,000 for both modules.

Option 2 – Module 1 or Module 2 (including 4 coaching sessions)
Full payment upfront of £655 / R6,550 for one module only.

Option 3 – Module 1 or Module 2 monthly payments (including 4 coaching sessions)
A monthly payment of £235 / R2,350 over three months for one module only. The first payment is to be paid prior to the start of the course.

For more information, book a Chat with Cindy, email hello@schoolofintuitionandhealing.com or WhatsApp +447950118001.

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