This register is a resource for the public of qualified Therapists. They have qualified with the School of Intuition & Healing, or are teachers with the School.  Kindly contact them directly should you require a session.


Location: Camps Bay

Mobile:   083 764 2177

Email:    janine@energeticbodyhealing.co.za

Website:  energeticbodyhealing.org

Facebook: Energetic Body/Energy Healing

Services: Aura & Chakra Healing, Energy Healing & Balancing, Reiki and Soul Healing, HiddenMind Therapy, and PSYCH-K®

Special Interests: Processing Trauma, changing negative Behavioural Patterns, Anxiety and Stress Management, Reconnection with Life, the Mind-Body Connection.

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 9am-2pm or by special arrangement.


Location: Gardens

Mobile:  083 257 2249

Email:    ninabloch95@gmail.com

Website: anahatahealingza.com

Facebook: Anahata Healing

Services: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Distant Healing and Intuitive Readings

Special Interests: Adolescence

Other Qualifications: Certificate in Metaphysics, Applied Metaphysics, Numerology Levels 1 and 2, and Intuitive Practitioning


Location: Plumstead

Mobile:   072 380 4830

Email:  freeflowstudio@gmail.com

Website:  freeflowtherapy.co.za

Services: Private sound healing sessions, Sacred sound ceremony, Metaphysical healing, Current life regression for inner child healing. Sacred sound for weddings, funerals and rites of passage.


Location: Claremont

Mobile:  079 934 8025

Email: ektahealing@outlook.com or chamelij@outlook.com

Website: ektahealing.com

Special Interests: Shamanic/Intuitive Counselling, Power Animal Retrieval, Psychopomp Work, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Intrusion Removal, Shamanic Extraction and Healing, Guided Self Healing, Drumming to Raise Vibration. Feel drawn to working with older teens/young adults and older adults (over 40), particularly women.

Other Qualifications: B.Sc, MBA, Yoga Meditation Teacher (Rishikesh), Hypnosis, Therapist, Reiki Attunement (Level II), Energy Healing Certificate, Advanced Shamanic Practitioner (Foundation of Shamanic Studies)

Other Services: Distance Healing

Operating hours: Mon-Fri 9am till 5.00pm / Saturday: by arrangement. Please WhatsApp or email me to schedule in-person/distance healing. I’m happy to offer free/donation distance healing during lockdown. Please email if interested.


Location: Claremont

Mobile: 072 943 4673

Email: markdbind@gmail.com

Website: markbind.com

Facebook: MarkBind

Other Qualifications: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Life Coaching

Other Information: The Complete Aura Restoration, Group field healing on fields of collective consciousness

Services: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Distant Healing, Space Clearing, spirit release, Ancestral Healing.


Location:  Atlantic Seaboard

Mobile: 082 822 7090 (between 9 and 4 Mondays – to Fridays)

Email: valeriearonson22@gmail.com

Website:  mindfulmoments.co.za (website under construction)

Facebook:  ValerieMindfulMoments

Services:  Energy Healing – Energy Management Workshops – Space Clearing – Meditation sessions (one on one) – Meditation Workshops

Special Interests:  Women (all Ages)

Other Qualifications:  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Other Information:  Only work with men on referral


Location: Pinelands

Mobile: 063 210 2292

Email: carlos@freesouls.co.za

Website: freesouls.co.za

Special Interests: life transitions, depression, trauma, relationships, masculinity and femininity

Other Qualifications: Counselling (Adv Cert, SACAP), Marine Biology (PhD, UCT), Computer Science (MSc, UAB)

Services: Intuitive counselling, Crystal healing


Location: Gardens and Mouille Point

Mobile: 079 885 5350 (between 9am – 6pm)

Email: janinempetzer@gmail.com

Website: thepausespace.com

Special Interests: Women, Emotional Healing

Other Qualifications: Crystal Surgery

Services: Crystal Surgery


Location:  Marina da Gama/Muizenberg

Mobile:  082 554 0554

Email: penny.gainessa@gmail.com

Website:  Trinityhealing.co.za (under construction)

Services: Energy Healing to assist clients going through transitions: grief, trauma, illness, addictions, life changes. Reconnective Healing; Quantum Touch

Other Qualifications: Social Worker


Location: Pinelands

Phone: 021 531 8878

Mobile: 062 435 9697

Email: steveh@iafrica.com

Special Interests: Energy Healing, Intuitive Counselling, Spirit Release, Distant Healing

Other Information: Available in the evenings and on selective days and for distant healing. Please send sms or Whatsapp if there is no answer.


Location: Pinelands

Mobile: 082 784 6911

Email: dynamicfusion2017@gmail.com

Other Qualifications: Channelling

Services: Setting up manufacturing of sprays and creams


Location: Bellville (Northern Suburbs)

Mobile: 071 484 0293

Email: lavianteohm@gmail.com

Special Interests: Spirit release (in humans and property), Adult and children energy healing.

Other Qualifications: Life coach, Bio Resonance energy practitioner (ETA SCAN), Advanced psychic development, Foundation animal communication


Location: Lewes, East Sussex (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)7591 720098

Email: jess@jesscook.com

Website: jesscook.com

Special Interests: Reconnecting to Mother Earth, to Nature and the Elemental realms, fertility issues, working with Guides, soul retrieval, inner child healing and integration, grief and trauma healing, ancestral and past-life clearing

Services: Space clearing of buildings and landscapes, multi-dimensional healing

Other Qualifications: Spiritual Counsellor (certified with the Complementary Medical Association), meditation teacher, Bio-energy healing

Other Information: All work is currently undertaken via Skype or Zoom. Space clearing is conducted remotely


Location: London & Kent (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)7972 898630

Email: wellnessmanagementpractice@gmail.com

Website: wellnessmanagementpractice.com

Special Interests: Spirit Release, Medical Intuition, Children, and Mothers

Services: Energy Healing, Distant Healing, House and Space Clearing

Other Information: Phone between 12pm and 5pm Monday – Saturday


Location: Plumstead, Cape Town

Mobile: 084 046 1399

Email: henrietta@gdsa.co.za

Website: henrietta-ackerman-energy-healer.co.za

Special Interests: Women Only

Other Qualifications: ITEC Health and Skincare Therapy

Other Services: Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage


Location: London (UK)

Mobile:: +44 (0)7849 458067

Email: magda.n@hotmail.co.uk

Special Interests: Spirit release, space clearing, clearing psychic attack, stuck and stagnant energy transformation and personal development. I work with children and animals.

Services: Healing, Reiki Master, Crystal healing, Hypnotherapy

Other Qualifications: NVC practitioner, Yoga and meditation teacher

Other Information: I will respond to all messages with in 48h. I work hands on in person as well as distantly with clients from all over the world. I speak English and Polish.


Location: Wiltshire and London (UK)

Mobile : +44 (0)77 2642 9139

Email: info@thespiritualflamingo.com

Website: thespiritualflamingo.com

Special Interests: Work/life/soul balance, spiritual entrepreneurship, channeling, tarot

Services: Spiritual guidance, tarot and intuitive readings, spiritual business coaching and mentoring

Other Qualifications: Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage), crystal healing

Other Information: I mainly offer remote sessions (via Skype, Zoom, etc.). Face-to-face sessions are available depending on availability and location.


Location: Hampstead Heath, London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)78 1257 1868

Email: naomi@naomijwright.com

Website: naomijwright.com

Special Interests: Energy management, Inner child work, Divine Feminine healing, grief and emotional trauma, stress and anxiety management, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, creative/art therapy

Services: Spiritual counselling (certified with the Complementary Medical Association), intuitive coaching, energy healing, corporate wellbeing programmes, online courses in energy management and meditation.

Other Qualifications: Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher, Sound Healer, advanced psychic development.

Other Information: Currently all sessions are being conducted via skype or Zoom


Location: London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)7789 230 572

Email: info@sacredspaceliving.co.uk

Website: sacredspaceliving.co.uk

Special Interests: Spirit Release, Sacred Geometry, Healing Spaces and Architecture

Services: Energy Healing and Intuitive Design

Other Qualifications: Architect, Reiki Master


Location: London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)79 7096 5697

Email: ferati@hotmail.com

Website: fernandahealing.co.uk

Special Interests: Inner Child Healing, Ancestral Healing, Energy Management, Spirit Release, Healing Trauma and Space Clearing. I work with adults and children.

Services: Reiki, Energy Healing, Family Constellation and Space Clearing

Other Qualifications: Reiki Master Teacher and Family Constellation Facilitator

Other Information: Please contact me by phone or my website and I will get back to you and let you know about my availability


Location: London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)79 7191 4617

Email: amomentwithinhealing@gmail.com

Website: amomentwithin.co.uk

Services: Energy Healing including chakra balancing, subtle body clearing, cord cutting, ancestral healing, past life healing, stress and anxiety management, meridian line clearing, physical ailment management and more. I provide in person and distance healing for adults, children and animals

Other Qualifications: Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Accredited Energy Healer (Attained a Distinction at the School of Intuition and Healing)

Other Information: Please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you to arrange a short call and book the healing session.


Location: East Dulwich London, Croydon (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)75 4049 9816

Email: monica.mcsherry08@gmail.com

Website: healingandreflexology.com

Special Interests: Meditating, reading, research

Services: Spiritual Healing, Medical Intuition, Spirit Release. Mediumship, Psychic readings including face to face, telephone, zoom and skype. I was trained by Sue Allen in healing, medical Intuition, spirit release and psychic readings. I undertook mediumship training with Donna Stewart.

Other Qualifications: Nutritional Therapy MSc, BSc. Nutritional Management of Thyroid Disorders PhD. Herbal Medicine BSc, Aromatherapy (Dip), Reflexology, specializing in maternity and Fertility Reflexology.


Location: Lakeside, Cape Town

Mobile: 074 185 4569

Email: anneke.demn@gmail.com or annekedemn@cybersmart.co.za

Website: bodymindpsyche.co.za

Special Interests: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Services: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura clearing, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing, Distant Healing.


Location: Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Mobile: 082 802 0470

Email: nlowkin@gmail.com

Special Interests: Energy healing, spirit/space clearing, channeling

Services: Energy healing, chakra balancing, aura clearing, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, distant healing and clearing, intuitive medium, cord cutting.

Other Qualifications: BAHA accredited Energy Healer, Psychic Development (Foundation), Energy Management certificate, Mediumship (Foundation & Next Steps), Hidden Blockages (workshop), Energetic Freedom (workshop), Healing Past Life Wounds (workshop).

Other Information: I also do work in Hout Bay and Sea Point


Location: Fish Hoek, Cape Town

Mobile: 082 690 9738

Email: denisginn7@gmail.com

Website: denisginnhealing.business.site / Facebook – web.facebook.com/denisginnhealing / Instagram – @denisginnhealing

Special Interests: Comprehensive Wellbeing of mind, body, and Spirit.

Services: Energy Healing/Reiki, EFT, Mindfulness training.

Other Information: Healing offered in-person or via distant healing, incorporating chakra energy centre balancing, clearing of the subtle bodies, specific healing for physical ailments, specific healing for mental/emotional challenges, meridian Light process, the Emotional Freedom Technique aka “Tapping”, healing meditations.

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