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This register is a resource of Qualified Energy Healers, Spiritual & Holistic Practitioners, Intuitive Counsellors, and other Alternative and/or Complementary Therapists. They have qualified with the School of Intuition & Healing, or are teachers with the School.  Kindly contact them directly should you require a session.


Location: Camps Bay

Mobile:   083 764 2177

Email:    janine@energeticbodyhealing.co.za

Website: energeticbodyhealing.org

Facebook: Energetic Body/Energy Healing

Services: Aura and Chakra Healing, Energy Healing & Balancing, Reiki and Soul Healing, HiddenMind Therapy, and PSYCH-K®

Special Interests: Processing Trauma, changing negative Behavioural Patterns, Anxiety and Stress Management, Reconnection with Life, the Mind-Body Connection.

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 2pm or by special arrangement.


Location: Gardens

Mobile:  083 257 2249

Email:    ninabloch95@gmail.com

Website: anahatahealingza.com

Facebook: Anahata Healing

Services: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Distant Healing and Intuitive Readings

Special Interests: Adolescence

Other Qualifications: Certificate in Metaphysics, Applied Metaphysics, Numerology Levels 1 and 2, and Intuitive Practitioning


Location: Plumstead

Mobile:   072 380 4830

Email:  freeflowstudio@gmail.com

Website:  freeflowtherapy.co.za

Services: Private sound healing sessions, Sacred sound ceremony, Metaphysical healing, Current life regression for inner child healing. Sacred sound for weddings, funerals and rites of passage.


Location: Dorking, Surrey (UK)

Mobile:+44 (0)7383 362043

Email: healingandbeing@icloud.com

Website: healingandbeing.org

Special Interests: Chakras and Aura Balancing, Cord Cutting, Self-Care and Miscarriage Healing.

Services: Energy Healing, Guided Meditation workshops.

Operating Hours: Weekdays, Evenings and Weekends.


Location: Claremont

Mobile: 072 943 4673

Email: markdbind@gmail.com

Website: markbind.com

Facebook: MarkBind

Other Qualifications: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Life Coaching

Other Information: The Complete Aura Restoration, Group field healing on fields of collective consciousness

Services: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Distant Healing, Space Clearing, spirit release, Ancestral Healing.


Location:  Atlantic Seaboard

Mobile: 082 822 7090 (between 9 and 4 Mondays – to Fridays)

Email: valeriearonson22@gmail.com

Website:  mindfulmoments.co.za (website under construction)

Facebook:  ValerieMindfulMoments

Services:  Energy Healing – Energy Management Workshops – Space Clearing – Meditation sessions (one on one) – Meditation Workshops

Special Interests:  Women (all Ages)

Other Qualifications:  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Other Information:  Only work with men on referral


Location: McGregor, Western Cape (SA)

Mobile: +27 (0)73 225 3222

Email: lana@enliveningtheheart.com

Website: enliveningtheheart.com / Instagram – @enliveningtheheart

Services: Energy Healing, Reiki.


Location: Table View, Bloubergstrand, Melkbosstrand, Cape Town (SA)

Mobile: +27 (0)71 419 1268

Email: quantumalchemist111@gmail.com

Website: Facebook – web.facebook.com/Quantum Alchemist

Special Interests: Quantum healing: I also offer small-group workshops and meditations where we work in the quantum field, shifting timelines, learning how to become master manifestors and creators of our own reality.

Services: Energy Healing, Chakra balancing, Cord-cutting, Medical intuition, Inner child work, Ancestral healing, Distant healing, Conscious channeling, Mediumship, Small-group meditations on many different topics.

Other Qualifications: BA Linguistics & Psychology, BA Hons (UP).

Operating Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 6pm. WhatsApp or email me to schedule a healing session.


Location: Sea Point, Cape Town (SA)

Mobile: +27 (0)79 885 5350

Email: janinempetzer@gmail.com

Website: thepausespace.com

Special Interests: My practice has evolved as my experience on my own healing journey has unfolded. I have a special interest in attending to nervous system health, working with clients to take their power back from mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and the long lasting effects of trauma. I have an eclectic toolbox which ranges from establishing supportive habits, tools and rituals, to meditations and of course the energy healing work itself. I’m offering group energy work to knit together a supportive community, and to impart tools for you to take charge of your own energy on a daily basis. Thus empowering my clients to be active participants in their own healing.

Services: Intuitive Energy Healing, Access Bars, Crystal Healing, Group Energy Healing (Online & In person).

Operating Hours: 10am – 3pm, Monday to Friday.


Location: Pinelands

Phone: 021 531 8878

Mobile: 062 435 9697

Email: steveh@iafrica.com

Special Interests: Energy Healing, Intuitive Counselling, Spirit Release, Distant Healing

Other Information: Available in the evenings and on selective days and for distant healing. Please send sms or Whatsapp if there is no answer.


Location: Pinelands

Mobile: 082 784 6911

Email: dynamicfusion2017@gmail.com

Other Qualifications: Channelling

Services: Setting up manufacturing of sprays and creams


Location: Bellville (Northern Suburbs)

Mobile: 071 484 0293

Email: lavianteohm@gmail.com

Special Interests: Spirit release (in humans and property), Adult and children energy healing.

Other Qualifications: Life coach, Bio Resonance energy practitioner (ETA SCAN), Advanced psychic development, Foundation animal communication


Location: Scotland (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)7787 270444

Email: taylor.charnre@gmail.com

Services: Remote energy healing..

Operating Hours: 9am- 3pm Thursday and Fridays.


Location: London & Kent (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)7972 898630

Email: wellnessmanagementpractice@gmail.com

Website: wellnessmanagementpractice.com

Special Interests: Spirit Release, Medical Intuition, Children, and Mothers

Services: Energy Healing, Distant Healing, House and Space Clearing

Operating Hours: Phone between 12pm and 5pm Monday – Saturday


Location: Plumstead, Cape Town

Mobile: 084 046 1399

Email: henrietta@gdsa.co.za

Website: henrietta-ackerman-energy-healer.co.za

Special Interests: Women Only

Other Qualifications: ITEC Health and Skincare Therapy

Other Services: Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage


Location: London (UK)

Mobile:: +44 (0)7849 458067

Email: magda.n@hotmail.co.uk

Special Interests: Spirit release, space clearing, clearing psychic attack, stuck and stagnant energy transformation and personal development. I work with children and animals.

Services: Healing, Reiki Master, Crystal healing, Hypnotherapy

Other Qualifications: NVC practitioner, Yoga and meditation teacher

Other Information: I will respond to all messages with in 48h. I work hands on in person as well as distantly with clients from all over the world. I speak English and Polish.


Location: Hampstead Heath, London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)78 1257 1868

Email: naomi@naomijwright.com

Website: naomijwright.com

Special Interests: Energy management, Inner child work, Divine Feminine healing, grief and emotional trauma, stress and anxiety management, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, creative/art therapy

Services: Spiritual counselling (certified with the Complementary Medical Association), intuitive coaching, energy healing, corporate wellbeing programmes, online courses in energy management and meditation.

Other Qualifications: Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher, Sound Healer, advanced psychic development.

Other Information: Currently all sessions are being conducted via skype or Zoom


Location: London, Wiltshire and Somerset (UK) (available in person and online via Zoom)

Mobile : +44 (0)7726 429139

Email: sole@thespiritualflamingo.com

Website: thespiritualflamingo.com / Facebook – web.facebook.com/thespiritualflamingo / Instagram – @thespiritualflamingo

Special Interests: My special interests lie in ancestral healing, addressing energetic blocks, and nurturing healthy relationships (romantic, family, friends or work-related) with strong boundaries.

Services: I offer spiritual and energy coaching, energy healing, and intuitive guidance (channelling and tarot). I also work with heart-centred business owners supporting them in their entrepreneurship journey with spiritual business coaching and mentoring. The approach I use is at the crossroad of mentoring, coaching, and energy medicine. It is richly intuitive, soulful and profoundly transformational.

Other Qualifications: Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage), Crystal healing.

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (UK time). Evening and weekend sessions can be arranged depending on availability.


Location: London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)7789 230 572

Email: info@sacredspaceliving.co.uk

Website: sacredspaceliving.co.uk

Special Interests: Spirit Release, Sacred Geometry, Healing Spaces and Architecture

Services: Energy Healing and Intuitive Design

Other Qualifications: Architect, Reiki Master


Location: London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)79 7096 5697

Email: ferati@hotmail.com

Website: fernandahealing.co.uk

Special Interests: Inner Child Healing, Ancestral Healing, Energy Management, Spirit Release, Healing Trauma and Space Clearing. I work with adults and children.

Services: Reiki, Energy Healing, Family Constellation and Space Clearing

Other Qualifications: Reiki Master Teacher and Family Constellation Facilitator

Other Information: Please contact me by phone or my website and I will get back to you and let you know about my availability


Location: London (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)79 7191 4617

Email: amomentwithinhealing@gmail.com

Website: amomentwithin.co.uk

Services: Energy Healing including chakra balancing, subtle body clearing, cord cutting, ancestral healing, past life healing, stress and anxiety management, meridian line clearing, physical ailment management and more. I provide in person and distance healing for adults, children and animals

Other Qualifications: Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Accredited Energy Healer (Attained a Distinction at the School of Intuition and Healing)

Other Information: Please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you to arrange a short call and book the healing session.


Location: East Dulwich London, Croydon (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)75 4049 9816

Email: monica.mcsherry08@gmail.com

Website: healingandreflexology.com

Special Interests: Meditating, reading, research

Services: Spiritual Healing, Medical Intuition, Spirit Release. Mediumship, Psychic readings including face to face, telephone, zoom and skype. I was trained by Sue Allen in healing, medical Intuition, spirit release and psychic readings. I undertook mediumship training with Donna Stewart.

Other Qualifications: Nutritional Therapy MSc, BSc. Nutritional Management of Thyroid Disorders PhD. Herbal Medicine BSc, Aromatherapy (Dip), Reflexology, specializing in maternity and Fertility Reflexology.


Location: Lakeside, Cape Town

Mobile: 074 185 4569

Email: anneke.demn@gmail.com or annekedemn@cybersmart.co.za

Website: bodymindpsyche.co.za

Special Interests: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Services: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura clearing, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing, Distant Healing.


Location: Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Mobile: 082 802 0470

Email: nlowkin@gmail.com

Special Interests: Energy healing, spirit/space clearing, channeling

Services: Energy healing, chakra balancing, aura clearing, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, distant healing and clearing, intuitive medium, cord cutting.

Other Qualifications: BAHA accredited Energy Healer, Psychic Development (Foundation), Energy Management certificate, Mediumship (Foundation & Next Steps), Hidden Blockages (workshop), Energetic Freedom (workshop), Healing Past Life Wounds (workshop).

Other Information: I also do work in Hout Bay and Sea Point


Location: The Homestead, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Mobile: 082 839 8430

Email: natassia@aurabeauty.co.za

Website: aurabeauty.co.za / Facebook – web.facebook.com/aurabeautyandhealingcapetown / Instagram – @aurabeautyandhealingstudiocapetown

Services: Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing, Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Ancestral Healing, Reki, Manicures, Pedicures, Massage, Tinting, Waxing, Facials, Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifting.

Other Qualifications: Energy Healer, Reiki Advanced Practitioner, Beauty and Massage Therapist, Counselor.

Other Information: Join us for a unique experience, unlike any other, where two worlds meet. This beauty salon and sacred healing space is where we offer both conscious beauty and healing treatments as well as a combination of the two . This is a holistic & healing environment that has been created for you to feel safe, heard and beautiful both inside and out.


Location: Fish Hoek, Cape Town (SA)

Mobile:+27 (0)74 352 9303

Email: taryn@tarynnightingale.com

Website: tarynnightingale.com / Facebook – web.facebook.com/TarynNight

Special Interests: Relationships, career and life purpose, psychic and tarot readings; working with the higher self, intuition versus trauma; spirit guides and ancestors; psychology; astrology; numerology and angel numbers; symbolism; dream interpretation and dream work; Buddhism; manifestation (transurfing, visualisation methods taught by several teachers and energy work); relationship trauma; women’s issues and sacred femininity; societal programming and conditioning versus sovereignty; racism and racial trauma; spiritual awakening; empowering and integrating the authentic self; meditation (vipassana, mindfulness and “Who am I”); and practical embodied spirituality.

Services: Psychic and Tarot Readings, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Distant Healing, Ancestral Healing, Inner Child Work, Intuitive Guidance Sessions (Intuitive Coaching).

Other Qualifications: Accredited Energy Healer (BAHA), BA Honours Theatre and Performance (UCT); Journalism qualification (London School of Journalism) and Body Access Technician.

Other Information: International clients welcome, sessions are done online and in-person (via arrangement).

Operating Hours: 10am – 6pm GMT+2 and after hours by appointment.


Location: Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Greater London (UK) (available in person and online)

Mobile: +44 (0)7443 168219

Email: tammy.feldman.sa@gmail.com

Website: tamrintheholistichealer.com / Facebook – web.facebook.com/nourishmoveplay / Instagram – @tamrintheholistichealer

Special Interests: Holistic healing (energy healing, good movement practices, healthy nutrition, etc.) to cultivate the body, mind, and soul balance. Demystifying spiritual practices to be accessible, practical and easily integrated into clients’ lives. Empowering clients to find the Movement and mindfulness practices they love. Meditation and mindfulness, Spiritual development, and self-development

Services: Holistic Healing Sessions. Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Exercises, Breathing Techniques, Yoga, Nutrition. If you find yourself amidst a transition, grappling with stress or seeking a deeper transformation, I warmly invite you to explore the nurturing embrace of Holistic Healing. My approach is centred around recognizing and honouring your unique journey, understanding that the path to healing and growth is as individual as you are. Each session is crafted with a blend of healing modalities, carefully selected to resonate with your specific needs and circumstances. Imagine embarking on a journey where hands-on energy healing helps to unblock and harmonize your vital energies, where guided meditation offers a tranquil oasis for your mind, and where tailored breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises help ground you in the present moment. These practices, alongside spiritual guidance, serve as your compass, pointing you towards inner peace and self-discovery.

Other Qualifications: Certified and accredited Energy Healer, BA (UCT), RYT 200 Hatha Yoga Teacher, Nutritional Diploma.

Operating Hours: Monday: 10:30 am – 4 pm. Tuesday – Thursday: 9 am – 6 pm. Saturday: 9 am – 12 pm.


Location: Constantiaberg Area, Cape Town (SA)

Mobile: +27 (0)82 828 0876

Email: hayleychristiehealing@gmail.com

Website: Facebook – web.facebook.com/hayleychristiehealing / Instagram – @hayley_christie_healing

Special Interests: Health and wellbeing, working with trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and grief. I often connect and incorporate the healing powers of animals and nature during healing sessions. I am strongly influenced by Caroline Myss healing techniques and exploring medial intuition..

Services: Aura, chakra and Meridian healing and balancing. Cord cutting, soul retrieval and ancestral healing.

Other Qualifications: Counselling and basic quantum touch.

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 12pm..


Location: Simon’s Town, Cape Town (SA)

Mobile: +27 (0)76 209 5875

Website: backinbalance.me

Special Interests: Listening, and asking questions, sometimes challenging, to help my clients find the answers within. Balancing energies so that my clients can feel at peace and empowered.

Services: Energy Healing, Energy Balancing, Cord Cutting, Metaphysical Counselling, Integral Life Coaching.

Other Qualifications: I am registered with MSEC (Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness) in the UK as a Metaphysical Practitioner. I am also an Integral Practitioner Coach IPC, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Other Information: I offer distant healing and counselling sessions and have worked with clients throughout South Africa and Worldwide. I often combine more than one modality, depending on the needs of my client. Best contact via Get in Touch on website.


Location: Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town (SA)

Mobile: +27 (0)82 941 3662

Email: rohlofflauren@me.com

Website: laurenrohloff.com / Facebook – web.facebook.com/Healingwithlaurenrohloff / Instagram – @healingwithlaurenrohloff

Special Interests: I offer comprehensive support for personal growth and well-being by generating positive transformation in all aspects of one’s life, instilling profound awareness, awakening, and the ability to live a more consciousness life.

Services: Energy Healing – chakra balancing, aura clearing, cord cutting, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, distant healing, crystal healing / Life Coaching / Spiritual Guidance / Home or Space Clearing.

Other Qualifications: International Certified Ontological Life & Leadership Coach / Crystal Healing.

Other Information: Experience the ultimate fusion of healing, growth, and spiritual enlightenment in one transformative session. My unique approach provides you with a comprehensive and holistic experience, which will enhance your personal growth on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.


Location: Newlands, Cape Town

Mobile: 083 263 8729

Email: clara@behealing.co.za

Website: behealing.co.za

Special Interests: Working with adolescents- special interest in social emotional development.

Services: Chakra Healing and Balancing – Aura Cleansing – Ancestral Healing – Cord Cutting – Soul Retrieval – Remote Healing – Space Clearing – 1 on 1 coaching Adolescents and Adults.

Other Qualifications: Qualified Life Coach (Academy of York) – Emotional Practitioner (Priority Academy) – Energy Healing (School of intuition and Healing) .


Location: Lewes, East Sussex (UK)

Mobile: +44 (0)7591 720098

Email: jess@jesscook.com

Website: jesscook.com

Special Interests: Reconnecting to Mother Earth, to Nature and the Elemental realms, fertility issues, working with Guides, soul retrieval, inner child healing and integration, grief and trauma healing, ancestral and past-life clearing

Services: Space clearing of buildings and landscapes, multi-dimensional healing

Other Qualifications: Spiritual Counsellor (certified with the Complementary Medical Association), meditation teacher, Bio-energy healing

Other Information: All work is currently undertaken via Skype or Zoom. Space clearing is conducted remotely


Location: Fish Hoek, Cape Town

Mobile: 082 690 9738

Email: denisginn7@gmail.com

Website: denisginnhealing.business.site / Facebook – web.facebook.com/denisginnhealing / Instagram – @denisginnhealing

Special Interests: Comprehensive Wellbeing of mind, body, and Spirit.

Services: Energy Healing/Reiki, EFT, Mindfulness training.

Other Information: Healing offered in-person or via distant healing, incorporating chakra energy centre balancing, clearing of the subtle bodies, specific healing for physical ailments, specific healing for mental/emotional challenges, meridian Light process, the Emotional Freedom Technique aka “Tapping”, healing meditations.


Location: Capri, Cape Town (SA)

Mobile: +27 (0)82 432 7877 (WhatsApp only)

Website: amandalaskey.co.za

Special Interests: Personal and Spiritual Growth. Helping you to find the answers within yourself.

Services: Intuitive Coaching, Messages from Spirit, Intuitive Energy Healing (Distant Healing), Reiki (Distant Healing).

Other Qualifications: Accredited Energy Healer with the International School of Intuition and Healing, Psychic Development (Advanced), Reiki 3 (Debbie Caknis – Zero Point Healing), Counselling Course and Personal Growth Course (Lifeline South Africa), BA (Psychology and Linguistics) (UNISA).

Other Information: All sessions are currently being offered remotely. Please contact me via WhatsApp or my website.

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