Welcome to the International School of Intuition & Healing.

Offering spiritual growth opportunities whether you are curious about spirituality (The Seeker), a student interested in psychic work and divination (The Intuitive) or a student interested in learning healing techniques (The Healer).

We aim to provide high quality education in:

  • Healing
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Energy Management
  • Animal Communication & Natural Healing
  • Psychic Development
  • Working with Guides
  • Medical Intuition
  • Spirit Release
  • Mediumship
  • Tarot
  • Astrology

The Seeker: Free Chat with Cindy, Moyo Talks, 7 Days to Invincible Energy, Tarot for Beginners, Connecting with your Guides & Spirit team. The Healing Clinic Online (Client), astrology, animal communication exploration.

The Intuitive: Psychic Development (Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced), Mediumship, Tarot.

The Healer: 2-year Energy Healing Course, 1-year Animal Communication & Healing, The Healing Clinic Online (Healer).

Baha-logo-webOur 2-year Certification in Energy Healing is internationally accredited with the British Alliance of Healing Associations. Our teaching staff is of a high calibre, with many years of experience between them in their various fields of expertise.

Cindy HolmesWe offer ongoing classes, certified professional courses and one-day workshops to cater for a variety of needs and interests. We hope you will join us!

Cindy Holmes
Director: South Africa

Not sure where to start your journey – schedule a free spiritual coaching chat with Cindy, the director, to discuss the next step in your spiritual journey

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with Cindy Holmes & Valerie Aronson

Learn to manage your energy in these extraordinary times; emphasis on grounding and protection.

Cost: $9.99 (approximately R160)


with Donna Stewart

Join me in these inspiring weekly classes where I will support you through the processes of attuning to and maintaining Spirit energy, recognising the presence of Spirit and working more closely with them.

Term 1: 18 January – 22 March 2023
7pm – 8:30pm (South Africa)
5pm – 6:30pm (UK)
Cost: R1400 (SA) / £150 (International)

with Donna Stewart

An empowering 10-week course for those at intermediate level of mediumship development to give clarity and confidence to your developing skills.

Term 1: 18 January – 22 March 2023
8:30pm – 10pm (SAST)
6:30pm – 8pm (BST)
Cost: R1400 (SA) / £150 (International)

with Lizel Terry

In this eight-week course, we learn how to access the stillness within which connects us to our intuition and psychic abilities. This course is suitable for those starting out as well as those wishing to deepen their psychic and intuition abilities.

Term 1: 1 February – 22 March 2023
8pm – 10pm (SAST)
6pm – 8pm (BST)
Cost: R1300 (SA) / £120 (International )
2 Term Package Cost: R2000 (SA) / £210 (International)

with Eloise Francois

This advanced class is for students who are able to do an accurate reading for 20 minutes and are now looking to move to the next level.

Term 1: 2 February – 23 March 2023
8pm – 10pm (SAST)
6pm – 8pm (BST)
Cost: R1300 (SA) / £120 (International )

with Eloise Francois

This Intermediate course is for students who have already attained a good, solid foundation and are now looking to move to the next level with their psychic development.

Term 1: 6 February – 27 March 2023
8pm – 10pm (SAST)
6pm – 8pm (BST)
Cost: R1300 (SA) / £120 (International )

with Margarita Celeste

This intermediate level Astrology Course will deepen your knowledge and explore the power of prediction.

7 February – 18 April 2023
(except 21 March)
7:30pm – 9:30pm (SAST)
5:30pm – 7:30pm (BST)
7 February – 14 March
6:30pm – 8:30pm (BST)
from 28 March 2023
Cost: R2200 (SA) / £240 (International)
Instalment options available

with Denis Ginn

This highly interactive course will teach you how to bring together all the elements at the core of a structured and safe spiritual practice. With this information and helpful techniques under your belt, you’ll be ready to expand your knowledge and confidence for years to come.

16 May – 20 June 2023
8pm – 9:30pm (South Africa)
7pm – 8.30pm (UK)
Cost: R945 (SA) / £90 (International)

with Margarita Celeste

Aimed at beginners who have an interest or curiosity about the amazing art of Astrology, and wish to take that interest deeper and alchemise it into knowledge.

25 June – 5 September 2023
7:30pm – 9:30pm (South Africa)
6:30pm – 8:30pm (UK)
Cost: R2600 (SA) / £260 (International)

with Sole Chirco

These classes will teach you how to go from complete newbie to understand card meanings as well as performing readings for yourself and others even if you never even touched a tarot deck before.

Term 1 2023

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Our November 2021 Healing Course Graduates
graduates aceh 2021
Our November 2021 Animal Communication & Healing Course Graduates
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